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The Shaman

"The Shaman"

Atop the mesa of hardened red sand,
stood the shaman of the Conchas'land,
silhouetted against the darkening skies.
Take heed! Listen close to his cries.
Beware of the dangers which he speaks,
for chaos an entrance surely seeks.
Guard well the land, the earth we love,
rejoice in song to the gods above.
The shaman's song, a heartfelt plea ~
his magic to protect our ways you see.
Trust not things that come anew ...
perhaps our lives they will undo.
Trust in the great mother earth ~
for all things come unto her from birth.
The shaman speaks words wise and true ~
look in your heart for you know this too.
Dance with nature, a balance to flow ~
for within your soul, greatness will show.
And relish in what you truly find ~
peace of heart and of the mind.

09/26/00 "Chelle"