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The Shadowbuilder

"The Shadowbuilder"

He is the demon, Mestopulous,
and he is the shadowbuilder,
plying his talent against my soul.
He is aware of my fears
that haunt my waking hours,
and even my precious dreams.
And he knows ... all to well ...
how to use those fears to bleed me;
to weaken my soul, making me fall
prey to his will.
Mestopulous ... the master magician ...
building shadows upon my soul.
Bringing ebon darkness within,
forever blocking hope's light.
Shadows of pain, regret and loss;
of times that were ... and of ~
times that will never be.
Shadows across a soul aching
to touch the light ... to be burned by it.
A soul longing to know
the purity it once had;
longing to be free of the reins
held so tightly within the sharp talons
of the great shadowbuilder.
A heart that longs to feel the winds
of freedom against her face.
And of eyes that cry with bleeding tears
begging the great shadowbuilder
to release his claim upon her.
"Mestopulous," she pleads and begs ...
"Release me from your hell!"

08/19/99 "Chelle"