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River Of Memories

"River Of Memories"

No peaceful rest found
within wanton memories.
Whispered words of yesterday
haunt me endlessly.
Emotions flow freely
like waves of the sea ~
I cry out in the night,
"Oh Heart! Let me be!"
Silence of solitude
screams within my head.
Anguish and pain
of promises once said.
Life of what was, as ~
tears stain these eyes red;
this heart now bleeding
surely soon will lie dead.
No longer love lives
in this soul so deep;
no longer dreams found
within this haunted sleep.
No more do I find
love is mind to keep,
each darkened night
filled with tears I weep.
Prayers left unanswered
words left to Hope's grace.
Arms cold and empty
longing to embrace
the pleasure of your company,
the smile of your face ~
the love we once shared,
your kiss I long to taste.
Here my words somehow,
spoken upon the wind.
Come to me, my heart,
let us know love again.
Share with me once more
your touch upon my skin.
Forever lost in love,
we once knew without end.

10/15/00 "Chelle"