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Again we meet in the dark hours of night,
as our souls in sweetest ecstasy take flight;
only the stars illuminate our passion,
while our bodies writhe in rhythmic fashion.
The clouds are thick and thunder rolls softly.
I wrap myself around your enchanting body.
Your love like a spell, I'm hopelessly drawn in ~
this love we make surely cannot be a sin.
The feel of your touch is like silk to me,
Your lips to my breasts, oh so pleasurably.
Essences tasted, so much sweeter than wine,
with each tender kiss, I know you are mine.
Here in the night, I now surrender to you,
for no other's touch makes me feel the way you do.
The love I put forth to you has no end ~
as our deepest sighs are carried upon the wind.
The sweetest love is the one I have with you,
my tongue caresses every drop of your body's dew.
The slow brush of your fingertips against my thighs
sends fire through my heart, and opens my eyes.
To know that your love for me runs so deep,
I get lost in your embrace, forever to keep.
Feeling you within, flames of desire do burn;
your passionate pleasures for which I yearn.
My soul belongs to you, and yours to me ~
for in loving each other, we have become free.
My heart is on fire, as the flames rage ~
here in this bed, we set the stage,
purple satin turns red as our love begins to glow;
as upon you my pleasures I willingly bestow.
I lay back and thank God for letting me see
an angel of my own lying next to me,
She protects me, shields me, when I start to fall.
And in loving her, I want to give her my all.

04/17/99 "Chelle and Brian" (