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"Range Riders"

Black clouds rolled cross the range that day
as two lonesome cowboys rounded up the strays.
Lightnin' bolts flashed from clouds to ground;
omnious thunder rattlin' with a terrifying sound.
Winds whipped and tore ad the two pals' ol' dusters,
as they rounded up all the strength they could muster.
'Round the bend in the dry-sand creekbed ~
there were the strays nervously waiting up ahead.
Smell of the rain ragin' on the wind ~
they had to move these cattle, or it'd be the end.
A flashflood soon through the creek would flow ~
the rage of the rain on the wind did blow.
They fought Nature to move the scared cattle.
Side by side, they'd oft times fought such a battle.
But, this storm raged as if sent from hell ~
"We gotta get 'em out now," one to the other yelled.
The dogies hurried, sped by the cowpokes,
up across the plain as all were soaked.
A dark funnel cloud began to appear
settin' upon the two pals' deepest fear.
No shelter in sight, save a lone overhang
from aside a cliff as the cowbells rang.
Tryin' to huddle them all together ~
safe a'from this hell-bent weather.
"A Texas tornady, surely this be ...
keep them dogies twixt you and me!"
The storm raged against man and beast ~
they were bruised and battled to say the least.
But, their job done, and it was done well ~
both astride their hosses with a story to tell ~
heading on into the ranch that night ~
not a head lost to the owner's delight.
Then down to the bar to have jussin' a few ~
"See, there ain't nuthin' a couple of pals can't do!"

7/19/01 Chelle