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"Passions Remembered"

Passions once experienced
cannot be further denied.
The heart can no longer live
within its shadowed lies.
Moments spent in love's pleasure;
recalled now only in dream.
A distant touch of yearning lips,
forever lost it now seems.
Softest touch of tenderness,
leading to rising passion's heat.
To your lips, your touch even yet ~
I would surrender in defeat.
Within the realm of ecstasy,
once more we would explore
each line and curve of body ~
passion leaves a wanting of more.
Against the night with wonder
you and I meld into one,
as passion's fire rekindled
proving love has only begun.
An essence of spirit rides
upon the star-kissed winds ...
as into a world of desire,
we so willingly descend.
Come with me tonight,
let us recall moments lost;
for within love's passioned fires
our paths were destined to cross.

2001 "Chelle"