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"Orphaned Soul"

Love has wrought this orphaned soul,
that seeks compassion by which to console
its damning hunger that cries within ~
lest in darkened gloom it surely descends.
Scream of heart echoing in the night.
Death looms near as the soul seeks light.
This orphaned soul longing to be set free ~
knowing that love truly holds the key.
Dreams of heart that quickly rage
laying unfilled upon this final page.
Anguished cries of wants and needs ~
yet no one there, this call to heed.
Cold claimer's icy fingers creep near ~
Oh! Dear God! Not yet I fear.
So many things I' have left undone;
my race over before it had begun.
Love I call, speak to me now;
let others know, someway, somehow;
waste not the chances you are given;
love while you can ... for that is living.
Speak kind to others on each new day,
never hesitate words of love to say.
Death comes quickly, with no forethought ~
let not love be only something you sought.
Find and hold it dear to your heart,
for that is what truly sets you apart
from souls damned to eternal pain.
Heed my words, lest life be in vain.

8/02/01 Chelle