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Night's First

"Night's First

And on that night of love,
of moonlight and soft wind,
something made our wills to bend
as wild as trees blown over,
as swift as the raging river.
We were no longer
friend and friend,
but simply and only
lover and lover.
We will relish in this love,
long polished and long woo'd
and long loved to our learn'd touch.
Our bodies will meld like fine gold,
our souls embracing as never before.
And on this night of endless pleasure,
winds will howl, stars will fall,
clouds will dance for Mr. Moon,
and our love will speak
in a language all its own,
that only hearts in love
can truly understand.
And in that language,
we will know that
Destiny has crossed our paths

09/18/99 "Chelle"