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Night Ride

"Night Ride"

Oh, my love, heed my call ~
come and share the night with me.
As we dream upon billowed clouds,
let us create sweetest fantasy.
Hear my heart, calling out
'neath sheltered stars of night;
join me within this place
where passions burn, bold and bright.
Serenade me with your song
of soul to soul complete.
Linger with me in kisses lost
so soft, so slow, so sweet.
Dewed droplets of bodies' heat
shimmer neath moon's tender glow;
while we share dreams and fantasies
as only true lovers can know.
Taste of kiss, sweeter than wine;
warmed by passion's flame.
Caress of skin to skin divine,
for in love there is no shame.
Tarry a while, in sweet repose ~
lest dawn to soon will rise.
See the love belonging to you
within these wintergreen eyes.
So stay, my love, within my arms
let us chase the dawn away;
for when lost within love's fire,
who needs the light of day>

01/03/01 "Chelle"