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Nacht Liebe

"Nacht Liebe"

I bring to thee a shroud tonight
to take thee from the world of light.
To wrap thy past in this dark cloak
to see thy mortal chains be broke.
Thy past, thy present must forsake
if thou eternal would partake
of life beyond this mortal coil
where blood will speak and passions boil.
Come, my sweet, give me thy hand.
We will need no wedding band.
Our bond will be a special deed,
of infinite joy and ageless need.
Your skin will burn as if on fire.
Your eyes will glow with hot desire.
You will ask that I sail thee
upon the waves of passion's sea.
So bare for me a special place
give to me a teasing taste.
I am your first, this I know.
Tell me love, how slow to go.
I see the hunger in your eyes.
You need this now I realize.
But, this no reason to forget
the joys our union will beget.
Before the final loving bite,
endless passion will fill the night.
The slightest blush upon your skin,
promise of what lies within.
You submit with gentle grace.
I kiss your eyes, your lips, your face.
My lips speak silent on your chest,
You kiss the valley between my breasts.
Our hands a fevered dance enjoy
a pas de deux of tactile joy.
As we embrace in cloak of night,
desire grows to greater heights.
My nails trace blood upon your skin,
animal cries as I pull you in.
Centuries pass in eternal delight
astride my desire, groom to my bite.
Our hearts joined together, each feasting on each.
Our spirits entwined beyond mortal reach.
Concubine mine of life without death,
the night is our future, and passion our path.

2001 Chelle