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Oh, mockingbird~
sing sweetly to me;
take me away
to a distant fantasy,
of azure blue skies
and meadows so green>
A place I've only known only
within my dreams.
Where the golden sun
shines radiant all day.
Where unicorns and faeries
freely dance and play.
The water's clear and cool,
the wind soft and warm.
A place where love
can do my heart no harm.
Oh, mockingbird ~
please, I beg of you.
Lead me to this land
where dreams come true.
Teach me to fly,
upon downy feathered wings.
With each of your songs,
teach my soul to sing.
To bask in this land,
dance with the faeries;
frolic with the unicorns,
while feeding them gooseberries.
Oh, mockingbird ~
I so dearly implore,
carry me to this land
to dwell evermore.

04/12/99 "Chelle"