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Dark Mistress

"Dark Mistress"

If I the queen of night would be
a mistress of the midnight sea.
Then fill thy sail with moonwind well,
and from thy heart all doubts expel.
Embrace the silver of the light
that fills the seaways of the night.
These winds are cool and distant born.
Ride these winds, forbid the morn
from coming to this joy dispell,
remain in night and love it well.
Embrace the night, the clinging spell;
the touch of fear that fingers quell;
the touch of love that I can smell.
As roses black with lips of ink
that bring you to the pulsing brink
of galaxies beyond compare;
of eye stardust and comet hair.
A universe within my eye ~
to steal your breath and make you sigh.
To see me reigning in the night
Black Mistress of thy heart's delight.

2001 Chelle