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Magic's Realm, Parts I - VIII

"Magic's Realm


Take my hand and fly with me
to a distant land of fantasy ~
where elves and sprites dance in the night
'neath the glow of the pale moonlight.
Stars shimmer against the mountain ridge,
as we sail below the rainbow's bridge
on a river of crystalline azure blue.
Pan plays his flute for me and you.
Unicorns romp on the meadow green.
Here, all magic of the world is seen.
Faeries' dust, like sunshine, showers down,
while Heaven's angels sing all around.
Thor's hammer tunders afar,
as we wish upon a falling star.
Dragons soar through the cobalt sky,
and Merlin's fingertips flash lightning high;
from these flashes fireflies scatter,
as Merlin's power raises such a clatter.
Laced snowflakes whirl and twirl 'bout our face,
yet, no Cold's bitterness touches this place.
Boundless butterflies dash here and there,
and vibrant blossoms burst forth everywhere.
This world is alive with love and joy ~
candy kisses for every girl and boy.
The Cheshire Cat grins high upon a limb.
Gnomes invite us to sing with them ~
songs of joy, love and tranquility.
A world without time, lasting eternally.
Mermaids frolic playfully along an ivory seashore.
Sirens sing an enchanting song for mariners who'll sail no more.
Raindrops fall softly upon the primal forest deep,
and wood nymphs treasure closely the secrets they keep.
With their music, art, song and poetry
the Muses show beauty most eloquently.
Aphrodite with all her beauty to this realm cannot compare.
Trust in your imagination ~ let it take you there.
Heartbroken memories cannot touch you here,
for here Love and Happiness reside, no need to fear.
Bountiful ambrosia given for the body and heart ~
each new morn dawning here is a fresh start.
Here, anything is possible, all good exists;
imagination makes it so, if, from Reality it resists.
Gyphons soar easily upon arch'd wings,
peacefully, though, for here no fear they bring.
Blue glow of mystic mist rises from the sea,
as the serpent with seven humps sails gracefully.
Shiribi puzzles bring the curious such fun.
And here in Utopia, rules the brightest sun.
The great transparent claimers with icy fingers cold
touch not here, for Death has no hold.
Circus clowns, with all their humor jest,
competing to see who can make us laugh best.
Pandora's box of chaos here is not released,
for Love here rules companion to sister Peace.
"Deja Vu" and "Deja Reve," the circle comes complete,
a euphoric cosmos surviving to make all Life sweet.
... ...
Across the glen hovers the amethyst haze,
while tales are told round the bonfire's blaze
of elfin magic and gnome pride,
and of leprechauns' gold which they hide.
Pegasus, silhouetted against the silver-sequined moon
flies silently, while in the distance chirps a loon.
Sprites and faeries dance high in the tree.
Fantastic tales here told set your imagination free.
Here in Mid-Garth, there is no heaven nor hell ...
just what dreams are made of we choose to tell.
Upon the horizon, the twin suns seek to rise,
the great glowing golden orb brings day to the skies;
the lesser crimson ball paints colours into the clouds.
Magic's realm, Mid-Garth, the soul sings out loud.
As the great floating dragon-cloud swoons,
devouring the silent, silver-orbed moon ~
magician's incantations by fireside are cast,
bringing wonderment of things long past.
In the blue smoking darkness, wolf eyes' red aglow,
a familiar of magician, both immortals, you know.
Enraptured by the magician, we sit among dappled grass,
as apple blossoms fall around us, heralding spring at last.
Dawn's glow arises, moth-like stars flickering out.
Elves and sprites dance in the stream playfully about.
This world is but the great magician's dream
of euphoric Utopia's reality it does seem;
for who could deny the wonder found here,
of spring, of Love and Peace so near.
We climb the ancient alabaster staircase of moonbeams,
as we wander through a wondrous eternity of dreams.
The old man in the moon welcomes us with a smile,
he generously invites us to sit and talk a while.
He spins his tales of Mid-Garth and her beauty,
and of how he watches over her, as is his duty;
protecting the faeries, elves, sprites and gnomes,
all who dwell in Mid-Garth and their happy homes.
He dances a joyous jig across the star-filled sky,
playfully dodging dragons and winged horses as they fly.
And when night is over, faeries carry us on their wings,
back to Mid-Garth and happiness as angels sweetly sing.
Hearts here grow stronger with imagination's power ...
with thoughts of love and inspiration throughout each hour.
Faeries ride upon emerald and sapphire dragonflies with opalscent wings,
while in the meadow below dandelions roar and buttercups sing.
Elves sit upon seahorses as they gallop across the foam-crested waves;
and smoky bellows of the dragon rise out of the deep, dank cave.
The tall oaks sway to the sweet music of the nature mother,
as she professes her love to the man in the moon, her dear brother.
And the Mad Hatter escorts Alice to the feast at the table ...
where seated are all the characters from story book and fable;
full of life's zeal, they chatter to an endless tune.
The great Merlin in his castle, studies the ancient runes,
forecasting many glorious days of happiness and magical times.
Such becomes the legend of the writing of sweet rhyme.
And so the beauty of Mid-Garth, forever will live on,
it lives in our imagination, and helps to keep our hearts strong.

06/09/99 "Chelle"