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Madame Pauline

This is based off of a true person in S. Louisiana, who does practice Voodoo and to this day I have one of her voodoo dolls...hope you enjoy! ~~

"Madame Pauline"

Way back deep in the Seveaneau Swamp
lived a powerful and ancient voodoo queen.
A woman of years spent honing her craft ...
known to us all as "Madame Pauline.
Seventh daughter of a seventh daughter,
her powers gained at her birth ~
a conjuror of flora and fauna,
and the elements of the earth.
Her mojo ~ strong and sure,
as in her spells and her potions;
many paid her with money and stock ~
and their soul if she took the notion.
Madame Pauline, the voodoo queen
respected by all for her power,
feared by some who knew her
in her most maddening hours.
Some say voodoo is just a sham,
and they scoff at those who believe;
but Madame Pauline can prove it true,
for her powers won't decieve.
She'll raise the winds and lightning,
as she speaks words only she knows ...
Boucharie and Santaria, the magic of her soul ~
neath full moon of night her power grows.
So hasten quickly, don't dare miss a step
if through the swamp you tread ...
watch for Madame Pauline's voodoo,
if the moon that shines be red.
This is a sure sign there's craft about,
cast by her in all her glory ...
she's lived in the swamp for many years ...
all there know her power and story.
07/16/00 "Chelle"