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Eyes in the mirror, staring back at me;
knowing my soul will find no tranquility.
Ears that hear the voices playing in my head;
knowing that this bleeding heart soon lies dead.
The touch of claimer's cold fingers to my breast ~
brings demons to haunt my wanted peaceful rest.
Knowing that my soul will soon lost its sight ~
of the one reason that it continues to fight.
Senses deadened, failing to salvage my poor soul,
it slowly turns blackened as the darkest coal.
Striving to reach for the saving light high;
from my soul screams mere muffled sighs.
Knowing I am drowning in the cess pool of man,
trying my best to fully understand,
as my soul sinks deeper into this dark well ~
I realize humanity is but a living hell.
Knowing this I struggle, to survive, to change;
but have I sunken so deep? Am I out of range?
Knowing all I have come to realize is true ...
do I dare ask forgiveness for all I knew?

06/13/99 "Chelle"

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