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Indian Echo

"Indian Echo"

Indian echo floating upon the breeze,
singing to my spirit of what used to be.
Ancestral chant carried through the cliffs,
my ancestors' souls upon the winds drift ~
singing still to the Earth Mother's power,
'neath the primal night's star-lit shower.
Beckoning my soul back to a time long ago
when great buffalo roamed prairies thru sun and snow.
The golden-eyed wolf, possessing such strength ~
his dignity and grace lost to the whiteman at length.
The great eagle and red-tailed hawk, warriors of the sky ~
listen to them close, they carry the ancestors' cry,
of prayers to the Great Spirit to once again be strong ~
to return to the land where they truly belong.
To walk among their brothers, the wolf and bear ~
regal nomads of the land by which they share
the Earth Mother's gifts, by which we all survive;
the right of everything to live side by side.
Indian echo, song of my spirit and heart ~
from the whiteman's ray race, back to a simpler start.
Chant to me softly, 'neath the crimson moon hight ~
leading me back to my ancestors' dreams I fly;
with hawk and eagle close at my side ~
the bear and wolf on night winds ride;
taking me back to my tribe of so long ago ~
back to the time of truths I've so longed to know.

12/15/99 "Chelle"

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