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In Your Power

"In Your Power"

Your eyes flash fire deep into my soul.
Passions within rage out of control.
Your heated whispers against my skin,
my will falls prey to your discipline.
Our tongues dancing to ecstasy's delight,
against the starlit symphony of night.
Fingertips tracing the curves and lines
of your body, as you trace mine.
Heated droplets fall from my breasts,
wrapped in your arms brings sweet unrest.
I long to live within your adoring power,
making love to you throughout the hours.
And knowing that I solely belong to you,
driving me to desire those things you do.
Entranced in your kiss, lips so burning,
leaves traces on my body, yet still yearning.
Together as one, tastes of love exchanged.
Passions driven to sweet madness deranged.
Teeth to flesh, wet lips to hot skin,
wihtin your power, this love begins.

06/22/99 "Chelle"

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