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Ice Dragon

"Ice Dragon"

Upon the crest of the full moon,
of the ice dragon you shall dream.
Breathe into her frozen heart love,
waking emotions she'd lost it seems.
You say she is hard to handle,
but she is much easier to hold,
for within your tender embrace,
her heart shall no more grow cold.
For once she knew the pain,
of love lost upon the night ...
she locked her heart away
from love's painful spite.
And ice o'er took this dragon
from her fiery passion's cave;
cold loneliness ~ her closest friend,
like that of some dismal grave.
Wept she did, as a river flows ~
her tears turned to coldest blue,
frozen in time around her,
until touched by you.
Then your dream and touch
awakened her with your call.
This ice dragon now flies again
to your touch, by love befalls
her to trust upon your heart;
and to you her loyalty she gives.
Ice melts to flowing emotions
the ice dragon once again lives.

01/04/00 "Chelle"

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