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I, The Dragon

"I, The Dragon"

Upon the high cliff ~
so parched and jagged,
I spread my wings,
tho bruised and ragged.
My soul seeks to soar
again through crystal skies.
Yet, this dragon's heart bleeds,
losing the will to fly.
But, fly I must
across a star-filled night.
This dragon must show
she's not given up the fight.
So with bleeding heart
and bruised, aching wings ~
I take flight once more
to see the magic of all things.
I, this dragon, cannot
be caged, roped or kept;
for if you look into my green eyes,
you'll see the dragon tears I have wept.
So, I will remain remote
on cliffs or in the sky ~
lest, by a man's touch
this dragon will surely die.
And if by chance a shadow
in the moonlight you see,
just know that shadow
of the dragon was me ...
watching the magic of love
from a distance away ~
safe inside my realm,
to fly another day.

04/12/99 "Chelle"

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