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Heart's Dream

"Heart's Dream

Dance this dance of dreams with me,
where life becomes sweet fantasy.
Songs echo gently upon the wind ~
where souls come to heal, to mend.
And in this night love can be found,
as thoughts speak without a sound.
Hearts race quickly against the dawn ~
lest the dream we find too soon is gone.
Like the feather upon a warm breeze,
souls float on love, so eager to please,
to chance this dream, reality become ...
hoping to find that special "someone."
Dare to fly cross infinity with me,
to the place where love sets us free;
through time and space so very far ~
beyond sun, moon and stars.
Relish in love of which we partake,
loneliness now we do forsake.
And bind together our hearts as one ~
this love forever outshines the sun.
Two now one within this place,
this chance, this dream we chose to embrace.

07/22/00 "Chelle"

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