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Fortress (for Athena)


For Athena

I stand strong inside my fortress
I've built tall around this heart ~
of hardened, cold greystone
to keep love from tearing my world apart.
Stones sometimes crumble and fall
here and there in place.
But, I quickly replace them,
afraid to see love in someone's face.
For within this shelter so strong
I remain safe and withdrawn
from love that seeks to find me
making me its submissive pawn.
So, in my solitary fortress,
in my cold-hearted shell,
I stand alone in my fear
of love's pain I know too well.
Yet, at least I do stand,
I do not falter and fall.
I am safe inside my fortress,
with its stone walls standing tall.
For inside my heart's fortress,
love can't bring me to my knees.
In the distance my heart echoes,
for love, it sweetly pleas.

04/11/99 "Chelle"

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