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Eternal Night

"Eternal Night"

Part of the Vampyre Series

Fair thee not hasten away,
my dear love, this night do stay.
'Neath Dark's velvet-cloak'd sky
come with me ... let us fly
o'er passion's reddest river flowing
to the place of hearts' knowing.
On feather'd dragon wings we'll ride,
ne'er more feeling the need to hide
our souls, our hearts, our desires ~
for they feed upon love's boldest fires.
Barest flesh glistening neath sky of night ~
ecstasy captur'd by dancing starlight.
Lips to flesh, unquenchable thirst;
oh, sweet pleasure awaits, but first ~
love commands these hearts do speak
of trust, of bond by which they seek
eternal passion ne'er to be denied ~
immortals' fare lest our souls hide,
for we are two of the same heart,
two from man's world we now depart
to ride the night, seeking the moon;
eternal night ne'er to end soon.
Enchanting bite against throat's skin,
immortal love doth begin.
Mine and thine, now forever as one ~
darkest love pure how hath begun.

06/18/00 "Chelle"

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