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Essence Of Ecstasy

"Essence Of Ecstasy"

Essence of ecstasy
permeates the night,
born of passion's flame
when lovers' souls unite.
Touch of heated lips
like the gentlest breeze ~
from impassioned desires
of lovers eager to please.
Crimson radiance created
by emblazoned needs ~
the wants, the yearnings
upon which love feeds.
Sanguine flush of skin
woven from innate desire ~
brings bodies to dance
within passion's fevered fire.
Lovers enveloped within
a realm of sweetest ecstasy;
passion's river flowing wild
to an ocean of sensual memories.
Visions of desires completed
by bodies in blissful symphony ~
a dance of desire by union
in a love that sets souls free.

01/22/01 "Chelle"

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