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Endless Ecstasy

"Endless Ecstasy"

My love, relish with fondest delight
our passions shared in the night.
And when bathed in the moonlight,
we'd not heed the coming dawn's light.
Take me as thou wish, for I am thy concubine,
my heart yours, and yours forever mine.
Within impassioned emerald eyes,
desire's flames flicker and do rise ...
so become a roaring fire of red,
here now ... here within this bed.
And with touch of hand to hand,
passion's flames are thus fanned.
Linger with me in ecstasy,
you and I ~ forever will be.
Speak with eyes that say so much,
with kisses and tender yearning touch.
Taste the essence of love's sweet due,
as I submit fully to desires by you.
Taunt and tease, with lips so sweet,
longing to make your dreams complete;
turn them from a yearning fantasy
to heated flesh and blood reality.
Pulse racing within your throat's line,
feeling your heart's rush so divine.
So, take me now, take me I plead ...
your warmth, your love are all I need.

12/19/99 "Chelle"

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