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Enveloped within darkness of night,
we seek to find passion's plight.
Tongues tango in a tempting tease,
desire's scent floats upon the breeze.
Moonlit silhouettes, we now become one,
tonight we'll leave no pleasure undone.
Sighs of our souls, this love's melody.
Whispered breaths to body tauntingly.
A sultry dance of lingering lips
touching softly against tensing hips.
Hands to hands, fingers weave.
Upon this journey we perceive
sensations we must now explore,
as our hunger leaves us wanting more.
Clothes about the room are spread ~
soft petals of roses caress the bed,
where we now join together this night,
in heated passion's infinite delight.
Rhythm of bodies, song of souls ~
we let our passions take control.
And as our primal instincts take hold,
ecstasy brings forth truths told ~
of passionate nights, climatic bliss;
all things of which love consists.

2001 Chelle

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