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Embrace The Darkness

"Embrace The Darkness"

From my whitened wrists,
the crimson droplets fall.
Like reddened tears
they splatter against the wall.
Pain ceases within my heart,
as the voices call me near;
choosing to embrace the darkness,
over this life once so dear.
Peace will come somewhere
from within the dark cocoon.
Oh, Darkness, please hurry,
for fear you won't come soon.
Darkness consumes my soul,
protecting it from the light.
I long to find the peace
of the ever-lasting night.
And in the harbor of darkness,
I shall find peace that's best ...
for eternal night of darkness
brings me eternal solemn rest.
And so I embrace the darkness
open arms and open heart ~
like a lover full of hope ...
love that tore my world apart.

06/09/99 "Chelle"

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