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The Embrace

This a short prose piece, I hope you enjoy ...

"The Embrace"

It's been three long years, since you've been out in this direction. Not since that fateful night, hve you dared to venture near.

As dusk approaches, the shadows from the forest are creeping further and further from their lair. You begin to feel your pulse quicken, as you search for a familiar spot. Just as the shadows touch the edges of the road, you see that curve ahead that tells you, you are almost there.

It was here on this very curve, that you were summoned to that other night. You had been asleep for only a little while, when the phone suddenly rang. Normally, that sound had a warm and pleasant feel, but that night, a coldness and dread grasped your heart. Fearful to pick it up, but too terrified not to, you picked it up and were barely able to whisper "Hello."

Entering the curve, you look to see if any signs of that night remain. However, nothing does. It appears that time, at least here, has healed the wounds.

As you leave the curve, knowing that just a little further lies your destination, a warmth begins to spread through your heart. Lately, the only feeling inside you has been emptiness, and now a little bitterness. Dusk is coming faster now, and the shadows have almost consumed the road. That doesn't matter, finally you can see your goal.

There on your right, you can see the two trees, each leaning over the trail, one on the right, and the other on the left. A smile crosses your lips, as you remember saying, "These are the doors which lead into my magical kingdom." A single tear forms in your eye, but the smile does not waver, as you hear your lover's voice, "If these are the doors into your kingdom, then my lady, please allow me to carry you through. A princess should ride into her land, not walk like a commoner."

Angling your car off the road, and into a small clearing, you park it and move towards the trail. At the entrance, you stop and look around once more. Another memory passes through your mind, as you feel your lovers' arms, lifting you easily. Briefly, you remember the peace and contentment you felt, as you closed your eyes and rested your head on his shoulder. With a sigh, you enter your doorway for a final time.

As you walk down the trail, you begin to hear the surf as it crashes against the cliffs below. Looking up, you see flashes of lightning dancing madly about the sky, bringing a final promise of rain.

Another memory flashes through your mind about that night, it was raining then also. After the phone call, you remembered thinking that a giant was crying as well. Outside the car, the tears streamed down your cheeks.

As you approached the curve, a feeling of dread spread through your heart. The flashing red lights created an eerie and unreal feeling, while the sirens sounded like the last screams of a wounded and dying animal.

Finally, you reach the point overlooking the bay. Looking out at the night, clouds are moving in quickly and you can already feel the moisture in the air.

The wind is whispering across your face, teasing and lifting your hair. The moisture in the wind, reminds you of your lover who once teased you ever so slightly, by tracing the outline of your neck and ear with his tongue. As you close your eyes, you can still feel the tender, light kisses that he so carelessly scattered across your face. A flush slowly builds in your cheeks, as you remember the excitement you felt, as his kisses gradually became more and more insistent.

As the memories continue, the tears that you have held back for so long, now come forward with a rush. Your body is wracked by the sobs, that burst forth from your lips. The tears that are pouring down your cheeks, now flow with the rain that has begun to fall, mixing the two until they are indistinguishable.

As the grief becomes unbearable, you fall to your knees, the rain now a downpour which is unheeded by you. Through the pain, you hear someone call your name. Ignoring it at first, the voice grows more insistent, begging for your attention. When you look up, out over the water, you can see your lover slowly walking towards you. It is again a summer day, and you see the warmth of the sun dancing in his eyes.

He calls your name again, and the smile on his face, is like magic to your heart. Instantly, all the pain and grief that you have felt these years, is suddenly lifted from you. As he comes closer, he raises his arms to embrace you. You can hear his voice, and he says "I love you."

Slowly, you get to your feet, and without a final thought, step into his waiting arms.

9/12/97 "Chelle"

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