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Dragon Dance

Silver-skinned dragon dances
against a golden-orb'd moon.
A solo dance of lost love
that ended all too soon.
She seeks to fly again
'twixt the sun and the earth,
but, she is cast to the moon,
until love's next birth.
She trembles with hope
shallow breaths from within;
awaiting another's lips
to caress her warm, supple skin.
One who'll play against her body
with feelings of ecstasy;
as the dragon dances playfully
against her tensed belly.
And so she waits alone,
solitary dragon upon solitary dragon;
one magical dancing charm
against the other's abdomen.
So the dragon dances
to only a tune she can hear ...
patiently waiting, patiently praying
for her lover so dear.
So ride the night sky alone,
and dance against her moon ...
she chooses to dream again,
while awaiting love's sweet cocoon.

09/15/99 "Chelle"

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