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Depths Of Doom

"Depths Of Doom"

Across the barren wasteland of man's inhumanity,
hearts lie trampled, souls wander aimlessly.
Lost amid destruction and despair,
they seek a tender face, someone who cares.
The hustle bustle of the world passes them by,
some have lost a reason, a will to try.
Hope for them lies on some far distant shore,
but with a tender touch they might fint it once more.
The road back for them is not that long ~
with a caring hand, they can again be strong.
A smile from your face will be rewarded ten-fold.
Don't shut them out, don't turn your heart cold.
For who truly knows, on some bleak day ~
you, yourself, might travel their way.
The touch of your heart can ease their gloom,
and give them inspiration to rise from the depths of doom.
The key to mankind's peace and earth's tranquility
lies in the oft hidden heart of you and me.
So let your heart speak, let it loudly sing ~
as those who are lost, some hope it might bring.

10/18/99 "Chelle"

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