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Dark Desires

"Dark Desires"

Upon our love we meditate,
our desires we cannot hesitate.
And from this love we deviate,
succumbing to sweet sex ornate.
Such pleasurable pain we alleviate,
tempting tongues on bodies radiate
heat to places that fascinate.
Fingers tease flesh, and thus liberate
desires that were thought to suffocate.
Desires now free us in an erotic state.
Lost in this heat we hallucinate,
tasting each other now for we cannot wait.
Teeth biting softly, yet deliberate.
Bodies meeting in rhythm permeate
the air, the bed with passion's fate.
Your tongue between my thighs most passionate
yet, you know this drives me to devastate
your mounting hardness under my rocking gait.
And when your passionate hunger I satiate
once again I will gladly recreate ~
your fire burning inside I will re-activate.
Lips to loin, licking in moderate,
until once more united in ecstasy we escape.
Blindfolds and handcuffs, we designate
games of pleasure to reinstate ~
passion's dark desires on which we gravitate.
Riding atop you, I tremble as I anticipate
the climatic ecstasy by which we elevate
each other to this moment we celebrate
with sighs and moans of a gentle trait.
And with our bodies entwined we emulate
blissful ecstasy brought by love's erotic fate.
As our hearts beat at a wildly rapid rate,
we know this night's love did designate
a bond between lovers most appropriate,
for dark desires we craved to undertake.

06/30/99 "Chelle"

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