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Dancing On The Moon

"Dancing On The Moon"

Softest kiss sets this heart aflow ~
upon the moon's silvered glow.
With tender caress love does speak,
while lips touch lips, gentle ... meek.
And I held within your eyes the stars,
knowing love would take us so very far.
Upon this sequined moon of night ~
'tis love that brings our hearts delight,
for only love can set souls so free;
love as held between you and me.
Sing with me against the night,
dance with me on moonbeams light.
Let me hold your heart so near ~
loving each other, forsaking all fear.
Together we'll ride the nights ahead ...
while moonlight's serenade upon us is shed.
We'll drift across time and space ...
dancing on the moon, in tenderset embrace.

08/11/00 "Chelle"

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