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Dance Of The Dolphins

"Dance Of The Dolphins"

On a crystalline sea of emerald green
dolphins dance while mermaids sing.
Sunlight sails on crest of foam and dreams.
Dolphins waltz across the waves it seems.
Blue skies sparkle and rainbows glitter.
The dance of the dolphins sets my heart atwitter.
I long to swim, to dance across the sea
amid the dolphins, graceful as can be.
They seem to beckon me, with a laugh
while they playfully leap over Njord's staff.
They converse, frolic and dance all day
then bask in sunlight's golden ray.
Wonders of the sea, beauty in motion.
A vast playground amidst the ocean,
dolphins, seahorses and mermaids jubilantly rejoice
to hear the sounds of the emerald sea's voice.
Such gentle creatures, perfected elegance,
while they sing and play to the angel's dance.
God, if you hear me, this I pray
dance with the dolphins I might someday.

04/11/99 "Chelle" and Athena (

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