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Damnation Of A Soul

"Damnation Of A Soul

My soul dances in the dark
to the demons' bitter dirge.
Death is a welcome escape
as my soul's sins it will purge.
No angel's wings or halo
adorn this tortured form,
for in the angels' manner ~
I would not, could not conform.
Hell's black emptiness surrounds me ~
forever cast from the light.
Demons tear at my soul ~
as it loses the will to fight.
Across the dark, dank ground
my life's force flows like a river.
The touch of the demon's talons
brings a bone-chilling shiver.
I struggle to climb to light ~
yet, the demons rip me down.
Eternally lost in damnable Hell ~
with but darkness and demons all around.

05/25/99 "Chelle"

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