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Crimson Kiss

"Crimson Kiss"

And in the rising of the moon,
must pass a span of time
in preparation for the fullness
of the tasting that is mine.
Until the moon is high above
and works its deadly charm ~
then leather winged comes my love
to take you by the arm,
and lead you to an arbor dark
and breathe upon your eyes.
And kiss your lids and keep you blind
as we await moonrise.
For then, will all my blood enflame
with centuries of lust.
And you will see just why you came
and where you lay your trust.
For I must make you part of me
or else return to dust.
But you will live eternally
when I do as I must.
Though I must feed, I have a need
to pleasure you this night.
For you must ask I do this deed
beneath the full moonlight.
I lick your every inch of skin
and nibble at your breast.
And spread your thighs before your eyes
and kiss with tenderness
the center of your passion
wherein your lust resides.
And as I taste your ocean
your life flows into me.
The salt of ages is its taste
I drink your inner sea.
One hand I hold behind your neck
to press it to my lips.
While I am pressing deep inside
the other cups your hip.
I give you lift eternal.
I fill you with my love.
Now you will live in darkness
ruled by the moon above.
A costly gift I give you,
there is a price to pay.
Become my creature of the night
and you must shun the day.
We'll be eternal lovers
and every night we'll play
our primal naked lovers games;
let passion be our way.
To pass the ages all entwined ~
a moonlit passion vine.
Our blood will flow
and we will know
the taste of home bled wine.
And thus will pass across our lips
a passion for all time.
The merging of our souls ...
the making of you mine.

2002 Chelle

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