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Cowboy's Lullaby

"Cowboy's Lullaby"

Serenade me 'neath the starlight
with a cowboy's lullaby.
Kiss me ever so gently,
while the moon shines high.
The feel of the moon
shining against the night;
a coyote's call afar
sets the mood just right.
Music of the wind
across the mesa's sand,
while my passions rise
at the touch of your hand.
The low of the cattle
blends with the wind,
and my cowboy sings
of love without end.
This night under the stars,
a bedroll shared by two~
a cowboy's lullaby~
sung to me by you ...
Nature at it's finest,
night's glorious theme;
a blend of work and love,
'tis a cowboy's lot it seems.
So, we share this life,
my cowboy and me~
neath the night's moon
out on the range so free.
My cowboy's lullaby,
a song of our love
playing upon the wind
of a life we're proud of.

04/16/01 "Chelle"

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