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Come to me this wintry eve,
let us dream what our hearts conceive
below the starry-sequined skies
of that which hides neath muted sighs.
Breathless whisperes of sweetest desire
kindled by hearts filled with love's fire,
whispers that fall upon heated skin ~
thus this conception of love begins.
Our journey of dreams by warmest kisses,
brings fondest pleasure to the senses
of body, of soul and of mind ~
ecstasy found by our bodies entwined.
Silvered moon shines on glistening dew,
the sweetest blend of me, of you.
Dream to reality, brought to bloom ~
within this night, this bed, this room.
A tango of love, conceived by heart ...
conception fulfilled, ne'er depart
from touch, from kiss, from longing embrace ~
from desire's passion with yearning taste.
We as one, the dreams will ride,
you and I at passion's side.

01/25/01 "Chelle"

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