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Come To Me

"Come To Me"

Envelop me within your embrace,
as tonight all your fears I erase
with gentle words by touch spoken ~
never more your heart to be broken.
'Neath the night and the stars above,
you will find peace within my love.
Comfort of heart here you will find,
your heart's troubles will be left behind.
And in my kiss, love you will surely taste.
Let yourself get lost within my embrace.
Finding love's sweet pleasures to begin,
for surely being in love 'tis no sin.
Thus, angels' wings caress us as one,
across the night, to the rising sun.
And in the light of this glorious day,
love's unspoken words ~ so much to say.
Neither time nor world this love will change,
for in love's power these souls arrange
to unite as one forever most happily ~
this love you'll find when you come to me.

07/07/00 "Chelle"

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