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Chelle's Lament

"Chelle's Lament"

I seem to have lost that spark
that shone so brightly in the dark;
stolen by a mischievious muse,
who has left me much confused.
My thoughts so very out of time,
with no power to create rhyme ~
as my pen here idly lays
in this spot for days and days.
Thoughts scattered upon the wind
praying for this "block" to end.
With no ine in particular to blame ~
ain't this such a crying shame?
No words do seem to belong
to the ideas that come on strong.
Visions dance vigorously inside my head,
but words at a loss, oh, how I dread ~
attempting to find reason within rhyme,
damn poetry should be a crime!!
So struggle on with all my might,
working thru another sleepless night ~
I'll leave some spirits for my muse,
and maybe she'll leave words I can use.
So with a prayer upon the wind,
I'll now bring my lament to an end.

11/05/99 "Chelle"