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Blue Skies & Rainbows

"Blue Skies & Rainbows"

Blue skies and rainbows
are not mine to give.
If I could, I would,
heaven knows.
This world would be
such a lovely place to live.
But, that is not in my power,
and so it goes.
Oh, the wonders
I would perform
if ever given the chance.
And, no one need conform
to your own drummer dance.
YOUR music, YOUR souls
would enhance,
enriched by your happiness.
If I ruled the world,
I wouldn't rule at all.
Everyone, young and old,
could follow the call
of their own heart's desire.
I would fan the flame
of their innermost fire,
of love for one and all.
No prejudicie or bias
would ever be seen.
No cruelty or injustice ~
nothing dreamt of so mean.
An ideal place of
happy hearts and happy minds,
full of clover and rainbows,
dragonflies and warm sunshine.
For who truly needs
the uglier side of life?
Certainly not you or I.
We need no strife.
So, I would grant these things ~
peace, love and harmony,
with compassion and understanding
for all the world and humanity.

03/25/99 "Chelle"

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