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Bless'd Day

"Bless'd Day"

Sitting on the river bank, neath the willow tree;
a perfect summer's day spent as lazy as I want to be.
Fishing pole propped on a twig, this is Heaven I know.
Clouds dance against blue sky, a butterfly tickles my toes.
Out of the cool waters, a catfish playfully leaps,
as though teasing me, then he dives down deep.
Dragonflies court in mid-air, their grace a pleasure to see.
A telltale scent of magnolia drifts delightfully on the breeze.
The sun, he's sure smiling on me this day.
Lost in the majesty of nature, oh, how I long to stay!
The whippoorwill sings his song, a peaceful melody.
Daffodils blooming wildly, attended by buzzing bumblebees.
Squirrels chatter about, gathering acorns for the fall ~
dropped by the mighty oaks, standing so elegant, so tall.
Dear Lord, I want to thank you for this day you've given me!
Nature's wondrous beauty by you truly sets my soul at ease.

08/04/99 "Chelle"

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