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Beyond Time


A cry of love rode upon the great northern gale.
A cry of loss for the stark white sail
that carried her lover across the ocean blue ~
'til the phantom white squall claimed the crew.
The great whaling ship swallowed by the sea
leaving only memories of love never to be.
Like that of the banshee, she cries upon the cliffs,
across the moonlit ocean her saddened soul drifts
back to times of yesterdays filled with love's bliss ~
to moments lost forever that now lie missed.
Upon the dark eve of the crescent moon's rise,
you'll see her ghostly presence, the tears in her eyes.
In your heart, her desperate loss you will feel,
so do not disbelieve, for what you see is real.
Her lover, 'neath the ocean's white-capped crests,
lies at the blackened bottom in his solitary rest.
Her love for him unspoken, yet, never broken ~
the cameo locket round her neck, his heart's token.
Promises made ... unfulfilled by his sudden loss ~
her aching loneliness Destiny's fated cost.
Against the dimmed starlight of night ~
her spectre refuses to give up the fight.
Listen close, her tragic heart's song she does sing ~
awakening her lover from the depths to bring
his spirited soul to her arms once more ~
as they dance 'neath the moonlight upon the shore.
So, if by chance, on some dark winter's night ~
you pass the Balmoral cliffs with a sudden fright,
do not fear, these ghosts offer harm never ~
they offer only proof that love is "forever."

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