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Beaudefont's Bayou

"Beaudefont's Bayou

Down deep in da backwoods
whar da black waters run,
'neath da Spanish moss,
and da hot summer sun
lies an ol' cypress tree
been der many a year ~
and an ol cranky gator
that'a many folks a'feared.
But now'n one of us cajuns
made a pet outta that critter.
He was a'raised by ol' Beaudefont
to be his own property sitter.
And ol Beaudefont, well sir,
he was offen an ornery cuss,
and that gator fit him well,
so that was a mighty big plus.
Ol' Beaudefont came up a'missin
and the gator, he jussin' smiled,
and we's noticed he was fatter
shortly after that a'while.
So now I heads back ona up
to ol' Beaudefont's bayou,
been many a reckon'd years,
but the gator's still guardin true.
He's a still wearin' that grin,
tho he's old and half-blind.
Man, a pet gator, WOO-EEE ...
Beaudefont musta been outta his mind.

04/18/00 "Chelle"

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