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I sit here and wait,
as I anxiously anticipate ~
that of words in thy letter,
for the making of worse or better.
And long now do I ponder ...
that which makes me wonder
if thy heart hath found
its path by which it is bound.
If thy soul's heart hath spake to thee,
please, speak now freely to me,
for between us, honesty is clear.
Lest by many things cometh fear.
And in fear, death doth lie ~
with no sad tear in his eye.
But, in honesty all things doth grow,
friendship, love, sincerity and so ...
speak to my of thy will,
till thou hast had thy fill.
And fear not what thy words bring,
for honesty doth have no sting.
So, I shall graciously here await
thy words that speakth of thy fate.
And with loving eye will perceive
that which thou heart doth conceive.

12/04/99 "Chelle"

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