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"Autumn Calls"

Russet leaves floating down
from shadowed trees above.
Mist blanketing the colored hills
brings back thoughts of our love.
Droplets brushing against my face,
the way your lips used to do,
Passion's taboos that we shared
amidst autumn's burnished hue.
Thunder rumbles distantly,
electricity upon the breeze ~
memories of so many times
making love beneath these trees.
The whispered rumble of the brook,
where we shared many a kiss.
now sings a lonely melody
of lovers' forsaken bliss.
Winter's echo creeping near,
autumn soon to lose its hold...
and much like this love of ours,
will turn to face the cold.
So, one last glance I'll take
to this brightly colored fall ~
and memories will bring me home
whenever autumn calls.

11/12/01 Chelle

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