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"The Angels Fell"

The angels saw woman, and longed to know
her treasures, her pleasures as man did, and so ~
they took a deep fall from grace
just to know of woman's sweet loving embrace.
Envious of man's ability of a loving touch
to woman who angels desired so much ~
they came as human men, to so learn
the feel, the touch of how woman's love burns.
For in their eyes, such beauty they'd never known,
and in their hearts love for woman had grown.
And all they would give, for a simple sweet kiss,
if angels they stayed, this bliss they would miss.
So, for the sake of knowing woman's love,
angels did plunge from Heaven's grace above.
And thus ... from the spires of heaven angels fell,
fell they one and all to the depths of hell.
But, knowing woman's love, they minded not at all,
for in learning love, thus heeding their master's call.
For love is the master over heart and soul,
love is what makes humans and angels whole.
So, take care of your love, for maybe once before,
he was an Angel seeking to find love's lore.

04/09/99 Chelle

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