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And Thus

"And Thus"

The memory of your touch,
like rain splatters kissing my skin;
the feel of your lips,
as our lovemaking sweetly begins.
The power of your love
beckoning my every desire;
the flame dancing within your eyes
that creates passion's blazing fire.
You speak without breath of words,
for silence here says much more.
For in this silence of unspoken language
the eyes, the touch burn me to the core.
Yet, no fear from this fire I see,
with embers that bring love to be.
The essence mingled of you and me,
lost within sweetest surrender eternally.
And thus, this primal heart surrenders
to her primal warrior's most loving hands;
longing, yearning to fulfill his every wish
within desires of his most sensual commands.

10/24/99 "Chelle"

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