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"America & Madmen"

The sun rose bright that morning,
just another September Tuesday.
Families kissed and said good-byes
as they all went on their way
to work, to school or shopping.
Life seemed normal enough;
yet no one could imagine the terror
that would reign from above.
Families and friends at work
in New York and D.C.;
madmen taking the skies
against the home of the free.
In the flash of a moment,
time seemed to stand still ~
lives stolen, families torn
because of the madmen's will.
Skies turning to black and gray;
flames and ask filling the sky.
I find myself softly sobbing ~
"Why? Dear God, why?"
So much destruction by madmen,
so many lives murderously taken;
but we must hold strong and brave,
we must not let our faith be shaken.
Together America will stand,
freedom's light will shine on,
we'll never forget those lost,
memories of them will stay strong.
This land of the free,
this home of the brave ~
united we will stand ~
our spirit won't be enslaved.
God bless America ~
its people will not forget,
and the murders the madmen committed
they will be sure to regret.
So, say a prayer tonight,
remember those lost in your heart,
and that this land of freedom ~
they can never tear apart.

9/12/01 Chelle

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