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The howl of the great alpha male
rises against the blood red moon,
calling his soulmate to him.
She answers him with ...
her own lonesome serenade ~
played only for him,
against the canopy of night.
And he, in the glen
watches his primal realm;
awaiting for her to descend ...
to come to him this night.
Their instincts ~ so fierce, so primal;
with yellow eyes seeming to pierce
into the soul's hidden depths.
Together ... they call against the night.
Together ... they run free, wild ~
knowing, sensing the nature of things,
of the world and of their own needs.
Belonging only to each other,
and to the night.
Primal instincts take hold ~
the great alpha male, and
his loyal alpha female ...
bonded by nature, and by love ...
eternal mates destined for life,
souls united ... one.

08/05/99 "Chelle"

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