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The Albatross

"The Albatross"

The "Albatross" set sail that storm-fed day,
across the raging briny sea of cobalt blue.
Sailed on she did from the protective bay,
setting her course, by which she sailed true.
Family, wives, friends and lovers at shore,
cast flowers to the sea in fond farewell.
They knew not what perils lay ahead;
only the infinity of sea and time would tell.
Onward bound the "Albatross" sailed ho,
against the raging eye of the dark storm.
Her stark white sails battled the gusting gales
against blackened sea and sky, an errie form.
She struggled to protect her men on board,
as they strove to keep her heart alive.
Together, ship and crew against Nature's rage,
sailing onward, not letting Fate deprive
them of their lives and of their loves,
for this was their dutiful profession ~
by which their families at shore survived.
So on they sailed at their own discretion.
But Fate and Nature played companions in this,
to test if the "Albatross" and her men would fail;
something feared and rarely seen ~
they set upon them a great white squall.
But love for the ship, and for those at home,
the raging sea would them devour.
But love is what gave the crew the edge ~
LOVE ~ it has such infinite power.
They bested the storm, though ragged and tattered ~
and sailed to fulfill their well-seasoned duties,
returning home one and all, "Albatross" and her crew ~
with many rewards but none so great as love, their fondest booty.
So pray for the mariners that sail no more,
those that by Nature and Fate were lost ~
for they loved no less, but could not best
the storm that their paths did cross.

12/04/99 "Chelle"

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