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A Time Away

"A Time Away"

As I sit 'neath the glistening stars,
glass of zifandel in my hand,
my thoughts drift upon the wind
as I try so hard to understand.
This calming stillness of the dark,
most peaceful essence of night.
Its innocence shattered by man's horrors,
with the coming of morning's light.
Peaceful dreams of love and harmony
by which the night gives birth,
cast aside by man's atrocities against
other men, beasts and Mother Earth.
Man murders that which he can't understand;
he will also kill the very things he loves.
How long must man lay this waste,
before Nature has had enough?
Surely man must see his cruel wrongs,
for time lies not on his side.
Nature will find a path by which
her anger to man will coincide.
And when man no longer exists,
by his on hand or Nature's revenge,
who will there be as hero to innocents,
no one left by them to avenge.
And once more Peace will reign free
with Mother Earth's sweet harmony.
Perhaps only beasts and plants will reside,
due to man's most reckless absurdity.

11/02/99 "Chelle"

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